As the weather changes, road conditions follow. The winter months offer the most challenging driving conditions. Here are some tips to make that tough commute a bit easier.

  1. Driving in rain or water can cause hydroplaning. Ministry of Transportation of Ontario suggests that you should take your foot off the gas. Turn the wheel to where you want to go. Do not hit the brakes.
  2. In the rain, oil comes to the surface of the road increasing the chance of skidding or hydroplaning. Wet leaves are also very slippery, slow down.
  1. According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, when driving in fog, stick to your low beams, avoid passing, and use the road markings on the right as your guide, not the centre line.
  2. Transport Canada suggests, in winter, keep your gas tank at least half full. This will reduce moisture in the gas line and add needed weight and traction to your car.
  3. In the spring and fall ice can lurk in shaded areas, on bridges, and on overpasses even in warm and sunny weather. Adjust your speed so you can stop.